01 February 2010

More Pictures Of Michael And My Family!

I was thinking, I haven't introduced my family yet!
So here are a few pictures of my family:

All of the children
We life in Durbanville, South Africa

My dad Christo
My dad has a health shop in Durbanville: Eirene Health Shop.
He also has a website and a blog.
I love my dad a lot!

Next is my dearest mom Linnie
My mom has a lovely blog.
My mom also sends out magazines called Above Rubies.
I really love my mom!

My older brother CJ
He is 15 years old.
He absolutely loves horses.
CJ has won many prizes!

Me (Heidi) 12 years old

I love ballet!
Here I danced for Durbanville primary school. (October 2009)

Josua 9 years old, he loves helping my dad in the Health shop.

And like his older brother, he loves horses too.

My sweet little sister Danika 6 years old.
She loves to be dress-up with me and I love her a lot!
She loves ballet like I do, and started when she was 3 years old!

Andrew 4 years old is a very nice brother!
He just wants to love every one.

David 2 years always making jokes, pulls funny faces and try to make every one laugh!
He also loves horses!

Daniel 18 months, now a big brother, full of joy, fun and loves animals especially horses!

And little Michael

Crafty Greetings


  1. Hello Heidi-Mari! What a lovely family you have! Michael is so cute! I hope you are having a very blessed week so far! Miss you! Enjoy your new baby brother!!


  2. Danika has such a cute face!


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