01 April 2010

Friday Sketchers Challenge

Hello every one, happy Easter.
I hope you all had a nice week.
I’m back with another Friday Sketchers Challenge card.

Here is the pretty sketch by Jeanette.

Here is my card.
Danika and I are invited to a Princess party on Saturday, so I decided to make a birthday card, for the little girl.

I used a stamp from the Sugar Nelly collection called A Gift for you. I’ve put some glitter on her hare ribbon, some on the gift in her hand and some on the top of her dress.

My Mom and I attend a Scrapbooking expo a few years ago and we had to cut out these little cupcakes as decoration on the double page we made. I had two cupcakes left and they fit perfectly.

Some of you may wonder how I make this, well it’s simple:
1. Choose the right font in a Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint document.

2. Write the sentiment with your preferred colour.

3. Print it on normal white paper

4. Cut a piece of the coloured paper you want to use and stick it, with double sided cellotape on top of the normal white paper, over the writhing.

5. Put the white paper, with coloured paper sticked on, back into the printer and print again.

5 Then you can cut it out with a scissor in any shape you’d like.

Crafty Greetings


  1. Oh, Heidi!!! What a stunning card! It is absolutely beautiful! Enjoy the party!!


  2. Thank you Kelly!
    I had great fun making this card.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment!
    Lots of lov


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