02 April 2010

A busy weekend

Before I started with card making my mom and I did Scrapbooking for a few years, including four introduction courses on how to make scrapbook pages.
Here are a few pages I did:

One of my first double pages

A double page of my sister and me. It hangs in a frame in our room.

A double family pages

A page my mom did when David was only a few months old. He could pull the most funniest faces.

A single page my mom and I did about CJ.

On my 12th birthday my mom and I made this double page.

A few months ago, I was looking for Scrapbooking blogs for ideas on different layouts. I could not fined any. We did find a lot of card making blogs and my mom suggested we do a bit of card making and see how that goes.
It was mush faster to make cards than Scrapbook pages.

A year ago I made my dad a double Scrapbook page to put up in his office.

Since Michael was born, my dad kept asking me to make him a new double page to replace the outdated one.
That means I would not be able to participate in the Friday Sketchers Challenge for a while.
Last month my dad decided to move his health shop to bigger premises and I had to make him a new double page of the family.

The “clean table”, busy to plan the layout.

I made photo-corners for the family photo.

An embossed and glittered strip on the top of children’s photo.

This is a pocket I once learned to make, while at a Scrapbook Expo.
I just love it.
It is been a few weeks that my dad has plan to move his health shop to a bigger shop.
This past weekend we moved!

The light box with the Health shop’s name.

On Saturday morning, Danika and I cleaned the shop.
Saturday afternoon, my dad, Jandre (Jandre works for my dad and help him in the shop) myself, Josua and Danika packed all the products in boxes, and took it over to the new shop.

The boxes full of products waiting to be packed on the shelves on Saturday night.
On Sunday, my dad, Jandre, CJ and I continue to pack everything on the shelves. Our friends also drove all the way from Fish Hoek to come and helped us unpack on Sunday.
They have a ‘bakkie’, which came in handy to moved the shelves from the old shop.

Me packing products on the shelves.

Busy, busy, busy!!

My mother brought us lunch and dinner every day!

When my mother brought our food, Michael would come with.
He was every time very happy to see me.

Me washing the lunch and supper dishes, so we didn’t need to take home dirty dishes.

This is one of my favourite spots in the shop - a mirror against the wall with glass shelves. It looks very nice!

The finished shop!!

It was a busy weekend and that is why I had not post sooner.
I always try to post during the weekend.
Thank you for every one who helped moving (including my mother looking after the little ones, without our big children’s help!)

Crafty Greetings


  1. Baie geluk met julle nuwe winkel!Wat n pragtige meisie is jy! JOu ouers moet seker baie trots op jou wees! Jy is n voorbeeld vir al die jongmense vandag!

  2. Hey Heidi,
    How are you doing? It is very pretty out there. Do you guys have winter in South Africa? We don't have winter in Liberia. It is just raning season and dry season. Have a great Easter then. Please say hi to your family for me.
    Love Mercy

  3. Hi Mercy
    Are you enjoying spring?
    We are all fine thank you!
    Yes, winter is approaching South Africa. In the region we live, the Western Cape, we have rainy, windy and very cold winters! The rest of South Africa has dry, cold winters.
    Welcome as a follower on my blog, you made my day!!
    Have a blessed day!
    Lots of Love

  4. Dankie Tannie Sonja!
    Ek het dit baie geniet om te help met die nuwe winkel!
    Dankie vir die inloer op my blog.

  5. Hello Heidi-Mari!

    So glad the shop is moved and done!! It was lovely being with you!



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