01 January 2011

Christmas At The Lues family 2010

Hello everyone happy new year! I hope you had a great Christmas!
I would like to show you some pictures of our lovely Christmas.
On Friday night (Christmas eve) we had our grandparents, our two nephews, our uncle and aunt for a cheese and wine dinner.
Remember in South Africa it is now high Summer and preparing a warm meal is a huge effort in the heat.

The table

Some of the cheese and biscuits.

The veggie plate

Fruit on sticks for everyone.

And here are the little tarts I made for pudding.
We all had a lovely time! It was so relaxing to have no worries about food getting cold.
Everyone could help themselves and the little ones sat at their own table and it worked very well.
We only open our presents on Christmas morning so that we had a whole day to play with our presents.

We were really blessed to have a lot of presents this year!
Our tree seems to get smaller every year.
(Not really, we only grow taller every year and the tree stays the same)

My siblings and I around the tree on Christmas morning.
(Some of us are still a bit sleepy!)
I don’t have pictures of all the gifts but here are some:

Michael with his new toy truck, this was his first Christmas!

Three little brothers with three yellow trucks.

Little Michael got so tired of all the excitement and fell asleep, early in the morning, on my chest!

Danika got a pink play laptop! Also a new Barbie doll and I gave her, her half of my bog candy. (she didn’t know that she had won until Christmas!)

Josua got a remote control helicopter.

The little boys also got a tricycle, each!

Andrew on the bike!

David with his red bike.

And Daniel with his bike.

Just look at his little face!

I got a box full of card making flowers and pins!

CJ got a model of the Titanic boat that you have to build and paint.

Busy painting the bottom part.

My parents brought themselves a new pasta maker. 
My mother got a new handbag and a chocolate too and my dad got a Andre Rieu DVD. (It is a classical music DVD)

This was our table for lunch on Christmas day.

We also had some more crackers! We put little chocolates inside that melted in the hot weather so we ended up putting the crackers in the fridge! 
I hope your Christmas was great too!
And I wish you all a 
Happy New Year!!

Crafty Greetings

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  1. I love how much joy you receive from your sibling's gifts. It shows a sweetness of heart not often found in 13-year-old girls. I also want to tell you how astonished I am at your artistic ability. Your cards are beautiful works of art and I enjoyed looking at every single one.


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