16 June 2011

Happy Birthday Princess!

Hello everyone, I hope your’e all doing well! Today I would like to share with you my dear little sister Danika’s 8th birthday that was on Tuesday!
I can’t believe my little sister is no longer so little, she grew up SO fast!
The day my only sister was born was one of the best days of my life! I was still little myself, and my parents didn’t know if their unborn baby was a boy or a girl. I remember praying each night for the baby to be a girl! She was a difficult birth, which was planned to be a home birth. But after some complications she was born naturally in a hospital. 
This is my dear sister Danika on her birthday!
It is the first year she did not have a party and went out for dinner with my parents. Since my birthday is next month, I went with them!
Danika also started a blog!!!!

She has one post on for now and will have much more soon!!
Please do hop over and take a look at her beautiful blog!
Have a blessed weekend 
Crafty Greetings!


  1. Hey my dearest friend!!! Danika's little blog is the sweetest! She is such a special little girl and a real princess! Missing you much, Love Kelly-Anne

  2. Dear Heidi-Mari Thanks for sharing about Danika - what precious sisters you are :) Beautiful cards too - you are very talented. Keep using it for God's glory! Much love, Aunty Karyn


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