22 June 2011

Melissa's Photo Contest - You Favorite Photo!

Hello everyone! I decided to take part in Melissa’s photo contest again! 
This week’s theme is.........
Your Favorite Photo!

I took this picture a few weeks ago and I really liked it!
Hope you like it, too!

Crafty Greetings


  1. So pretty! I love the bright color and the lighting! Beautiful :)

  2. Hey Heidi, How are you doing? I am so sorry again that I haven't been able to keep in contact with you lately. Things have really been busy around here. My mum is working on putting the new magazines out so we were busy working on Change of address. I think your picture is awesome. It is great. I am still sending you a letter in the mail.:-) Love you

  3. Pretty! The contrast of the two main bright colors is very sweet!

  4. Wow Heidi-Mari, this is a lovely picture! I love the flower and the almost blurry background! I am entering the contest for the first time today! Love Kelly-Anne

  5. Gorgeous picture! I love the lighting and the contrast the green background and the pink flower.

  6. Well done my friend on winning with this pic...it's lovely! Kxx


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