18 September 2012

The Ballet Concert 2012 Is Here!

As some of you know, my younger sister Danika and I do ballet at Colleen Williams' School of Ballet. Every second year we have a ballet concert and this year it is Jack and the Beanstalk! I will be dancing as a Farmer selling fruit and vegetables at the market where Jack sells the cow and a Waiter in the end party. Danika will be playing a balloon dancer also at the market.

All the ballet dancers always looks forward to this glorious event every two years. It’s going to be a spectacular display of colourful costumes and graceful pliés and pirouettes. More than a 100 ballerinas from as young as five years old to adults over 40 years will take part in the production. 

This past Saturday we had the dress-rehearsal and this coming weekend is the concert!

If you live in Cape Town be sure not to miss it! 
Tickets are R60 for the evening shows and R50 for the afternoon show.

I will post photos after the concert for my over sea blog readers!
Have a wonderful day 

Ballet Greetings 


  1. That's awesome that you take ballet! How many years have you been doing it for?


    1. Hi Sapphire, I've been doing ballet for about 11 years this year. At the same school all the time! Love it!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!
      Have a great day

  2. WOW 11 years! You must be very expirenced! I have always loved the way ballet dancers dance, so graceful and lovely.


    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Me too! Thats why I started doing it when I was little. I think dancing on pointe shoes is still the best! But I'm not on them long enough to do a concert on them. Maybe in 2 years time with the next concert!


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