12 December 2011

Voting For My Baking Challenge #10 Fruit and Vegetables

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend!
It’s time to vote for the winner of my Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge #10 Fruit and Vegetables. I had 9 entries which is really great, and they are all such amazing entries! They all look amazing!
First entry is Dodi:
Who made delicious Pineapple Berry Smoothie.

Second entry is Tane:
Who made mouth-watering White Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Fruit!

Third entry is Perrin:
Who baked most beautiful Apricot Cupcakes with Fresh Fruit Topping.
Forth entry is Kelly-Anne:
Who made an icy-cold Fruit Slushy for a very hot day.

Fifth entry is Sarah:
Who cooked yummy Apricot Jam, with a beautiful colour too!

Sixth entry is Aunty Wendy:
Who made old Fashioned Apricot Chutney, mmmmm...... 
Seventh entry is an e-mail entry of Aunty Hazel:
Who baked a finger-liking Spinach and Butternut Quiche!

 The eighth entry is Jessica:
Who baked an amazing Blackberry and Apple Pie. 
And the Ninth entry is Aunty Karyn
 Who made a yummy Carob Pie!
Thank you everyone for entering and a special thank you to Jessica and aunty Karyn for entering for the first time!
You many now all go and vote and anyone can vote for you!
To vote all you do is:
1 Go to the top of my blog,
2 Just under my blog header, on the right, is a voting poll with all the entries.
3 Next to each name is a little white circle
4 Click on the one next to the name of the entry you like best.
5 Then click on the button that says “vote”.
You have voted.
The Voting will close on the 18th of December at noon.
Good luck everyone.......
Voting Greetings!


  1. O, this one was tough. Love all the recipes! But the chocoholic in me got the better of me.

  2. i loved seeing all these creations, i hope you carry on next year as i think my daughter and i will want to join you...i must say i am surprised and delighted by these awesome young and little older ladies!!


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