25 April 2012

Wednesday Poems - Dad You’re The Best!

Dad,You're the Best!
Dad, you’ve been there when no one was
You are my guiding light You make me believe I’m special
You show me the path that’s right.
Life is a tortuous path But you help me get through
You’ve taught me to learn, To dream and to try too

Valuable lessons of life I’ve learnt from you
You’ve helped me face challenges And get out as a winner too

You help me bring out The best in me, always
We have great memories together, Memorable times and days

For all the joy and delight, Dad, I thank you
You are the best, I love you!

Surbhi Grover, India


  1. Jy is die beste dogter wat 'n pa voor kan vra, lief jou BAIE!!!

  2. Wonderful! Maybe you can join Robyn's poem challenge! Just a question, in which it would be wonderful if you could reply to me in a second; where do you get your prize winning ribbons from? My challenge is closing tomorrow for the votes, and so I need a ribbon for my winner!I have tried everything, but nothing seems to work:( I hope you don't mind, and sorry to bother you seeing as you need to post alot:) I would really appreciate it if you could drop by soon and leave a comment ASAP, preferably before tomorrow, but no need to rush. You don't have to though.
    I really hope you stop by soon, and thanks anyways.


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