19 April 2012

Another Lindt Chocolate Course Hand Crafted Truffles

My mother and I finally saved up enough money to do another Lindt Chocolate course. So on Wednesday the 11th my mother and I went to do the Hand Crafted Truffles course. This was my third course, here you can read about the first and second one.

We where so blessed, we were only 3 people attending the course. So we had an amazing course on learning about everything in so much detail.
We learned from beginning to end how to make chocolate truffles.

Teaching and giving us tips all the way through.
This is a chocolate - caramel mixture being stirred.
Another one being cooled on the table.

The Chocolatier taught us how to pipe.

We made a real mess!!
A carmel chocolate truffle.
We received beautiful Lindt certificates and my mother also asked for a picture of us with the Chocolatier that presented the course (Scott Kirkbrid).
Since we were only three participators, we took home loads of chocolate truffles!
Everyone at home was very happy with that!!
It was SO much fun and I can’t wait to make more myself! 

My dad also surprised me with The Art Of The Chocolatier recipe book by Ewald Notter this past Tuesday. It is a totally AMAZING book, that covers just about everything of chocolate and so much more. Thank you SO much Daddy!!
Have a blessed weekend
Chocolate Greetings.


  1. Sounds wonderful Heidi-Mari. Special that you could do it with your Mom!

  2. Oh, Heidi! What a wonderful time you had, my friend! Love the photos! Hope you enjoy your new recipe book!

    Miss you so much,


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