03 April 2012

Winner of Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge and a Change in Seasons.

Hi everyone, two weeks has passed by so quickly again!
My last baking challenge was Biscuits, cookies and slices, yet again I only had one entry. 
Aaliyah you won! 
Congratulations, thank you so much for entering! 
I will e-mail you soon, to get your postal address. 
Here is a blinkie for you!

Over the past few weeks I sensed a change in season for my baking challenge. I only got one entry each for the last two challenges, and decided to close it, for now. By Saturday when I still only had one entry, I prayed and asked the Lord that if He wanted me to keep it going, to please give me more entries and if not, that it will stay one. The result was only one entry, so I believe this is in the Lord’s will. It was an exciting time to share with you in baking (8 months), but I believe we are now all called for something else.
I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered so regularly! I would not have been able to do it without you for such a long time. It was so much fun for me and I hope it inspired you to spend more time in the kitchen too.
I will still post recipes every now and then, but will now have time for different kinds of posts.
I hope you understand!
Have a blessed week everyone.
Baking Greetings


  1. I am so sorry I didn't enter! I was going to today, but when I saw this post...I couldn't. :( You hosted a wonderful baking challenge that we all enjoyed - so thank you Heidi!

  2. Hi Heidi!
    I'm so sorry that you have to close it. You really put a lot of hard work into keeping it running. I wish I could have entered more but I just didn't have the time :(
    It really was fantastic though and I hope you can do it do it sometime again in the future!
    Thanks for everything,

  3. Hey Heidi,
    I'm so sorry about that, though it is better to do what the Lord would like you to, right?
    Plus, I'm positive that something better is gonna come! I will see if I can enter your next one, or whatever challenge there is still coming!

    Your an awesome person,

  4. And I just discovered your site by finding "Tutorial To Make A Special Gift Box" on Pinterest. You have done a wonderful job here and I hope to come across it again in my browsing. Sometimes the message from God is more about stopping and reflecting before moving on and not simply "stop doing it." Remain open to the options and opportunities that arise and answer the call of your own spirit and interests since that is what you'll be best at and you will shine the Light through the gifts you've been given.


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