21 January 2010

Friday Sketchers Challenge

I did another Friday Sketchers Challenge this week.
I made the card for our new baby, this time one for a Boy.
(My previous card was for a Girl.)

I used my Sugar Nellie stamp, “Daisy with Pram”
There is some pink on the paper, but I could not find baby blue paper.
For the finishing touches I used buttons, a blue flower, a blue bow and glitter on the stamp.

I love taking part in the Friday Sketchers Challenge and hope to do it many more times!

Crafty Greetings


  1. Dear Heidi-Mari,

    What a beautiful card! Well done!! The buttons really add that 'touch', don't they? You are getting really good! Have a great weekend, my friend!!


  2. wow your card looks so fabulous and really wonderful.
    thank you for your participation in the friday sketchers challenge.
    hugs, bea


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