23 January 2010

Making Cloth Nappies For The New Baby

When babies are breastfed they become windy, and you need to wind them. With the winds they may burp a little milk and then you smell bad the entire day!
So we took cloth nappies and decorated them to put over our shoulders.

Me sewing on our normal sewing machine.

The boy’s cloth nappies

The Girl’s cloth nappies
We gave them to a material shop to embroid pictures on.
Then my mom and I sewed a border around the edges of the cloth nappies.
All the different colours and patterns make it so beautiful!

We can’t wait for the next week to pass until baby arrives!
Have a blessed week.

Crafty Greetings


  1. I have had such bad experience with babies throwing-up on me! They always seem to do it on me - not anyone else! What beautiful cloth nappies! Hopefully baby won't thow-up on them, because they are soooo pretty! You did a great job! We also cannot wait till baby arrives!


  2. Hi Kelly-Anne
    Me too. Sometimes you get a day on which they only throw-up on you!
    I think it is because I always want to hold them!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Lots of love


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