02 January 2010

Christmas Fun

Our Christmas started in November, when we put up the Christmas tree!

The Christmas tree lights!!

The little ones with all the Christmas tree decorations.

Decorating the tree.

It is a tradition in our family that my dad put the Bethlehem Star on the tree!

A few extra decorations!

Al done!!

On the Tuesday before Christmas, my best friend (they are 5 girls) from Fish Hoek came to have supper with us!!

Our supper table!

When they arrived, Kelly (my best friend and the eldest daughter) and I finished the pudding.

When the pudding was done, it was time to open the gifts! We bought each other gifts.

We had so much fun, exchanging and opening the presents!!

And then we had a lovely time having supper and enjoying each others company!
My friend Kelly also have a blog and we love reading each other’s blogs!

On Friday (Christmas day) we woke up and opened our presents!

We had a wonderful Christmas lunch!!

Our beautiful homemade crackers on the table!

Looking in the crackers, trying to see what is inside!

I am going to butter my bread, myself.

We enjoyed this Christmas so much!
I hope your Christmas was enjoyable too.
And I wish you all a Happy 2010!

Crafty Greetings 

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  1. Hello Heidi-Mari! We had such fun together! Thank you.



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