17 January 2010

Making Banners For The New Baby

As I said before, we are expecting our new baby in the next 2 weeks!
We usually hang pink or blue balloons outside so that our neighbours know when baby is born.
This time we made banners that says “IT’S A GIRL” and “IT’S A BOY”
A few minuets after baby is born (if it is not the middle of the night) we hang the balloons, and this time the banners too, in front of our house.

We make the banners as follows:

Take a piece of paper of your choice.

Fold one corner in.

Cut off the long rectangle piece.
I used a cutter, but you can use a scissor too,

So that it forms a triangle.

Print your title on a computer in big and thick letters.
Then cut them out with a scissor.

I cut the letters out so that there is a little white edge.

Lay out the letters on to the triangles.

Put one letter on each triangle.

Then glue the letters onto the triangle.

Measure the length of all the triangles and make the ribbon a little longer.
Don’t forget to let pieces hang from each side, you need this to tie your banner to a pole or were you want to.

Put glue on the inside of the triangle.

Place the ribbon carefully inside.
(Make sure there is glue on the fold, so that the ribbon sticks to the triangle)

Then close the triangle, and press hard.

And there you go!
Me (Heidi 12 years)

David (3 years)

Andrew (4 years)

Danika (6 years)

Crafty Greetings


  1. Ag sweet! Ek kan nie glo daar is net 2 weke oor nie! dit voel soos nou die dag toe my ma gesê het jou ma is swager! Wel julle moet die babatjie BAIE geniet!

  2. Hello Heidi-Mari! Wow! Baby is nearly here! The banners you made look beautiful! Well done!

    Lots of love

  3. Hello Plaasjapie
    Welkom op my blog!
    Dankie vir jou belangsteling in my blog!
    Ek kan ook nie glo dat die tyd so vinnig verby gegaan nie.

  4. Hi Kelly-Anne
    Thank you!
    I'm so exited.
    Thank you for commenting!
    Lots of love


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