15 November 2011

Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge #9 is..................

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Today is Tuesday and that means it’s a new Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge! But before I get started, have you voted for the previous challenge’s winner? The voting is now open, please take a few moments to look at the gorgeous creations and vote for your favourite. It will be greatly appreciated!

Now the new challenge is.....................
Anything Goes!!!!
That right, it’s that easy ANYTHING you want to make.
This fortnight’s PRIZE is a Food Lovers recipe book: Soups!

This Stylish cookbook offers a collection of delicious recipes that are straightforward to prepare, doesn't require hours in the kitchen and appeal to children of all ages. Whether you are making a meal for two or laying on a party, you will love using these exciting recipes to get great results.
Each mouth-watering recipe is clearly set out with a list of ingredients, preparation and cooking times, step-by-step instructions and a beautiful photographed serving suggestion.

My Example is the most delicious Tiramisu!
(Serves 8) 
Ingredients :
4 eggs, separated 
100g golden caster sugar (I used “Rapandora” sugar and it’s MUCH nicer)
2tsp vanilla extract 
500g Mascarpone (it’s like cream cheese)
300ml strong cold black coffee (just make a really strong espresso and fill it up to 300ml with cold water)
4 tbsp amaretto or rum or 2 tbsp rum essence
24 Savoiardi or lady fingers sponge biscuits. I made a sheet cake - recipe you can find here.
25g  52% Lindt chocolate or any chocolate. 
Pinch of cream of tart 
1 Whisk together egg yolks, half the sugar and the vanilla extract until pale, yellow and fluffy. 
2 Stir in the mascarpone until smooth and creamy. (You might want to whisk in the mascarpone, rather than stirring)
3 Beat the egg whites with the remaining sugar in a separate bowl with the pinch of cream of tart until shiny and stiff.
4 Fold the egg whites into the mascarpone mixture.
5 Mix the Rum and Coffee together.
6 Put the one half of the sheet cake in the bottom of your serving bowl.
7 Pour half of the coffee and rum over the cake evenly.

Pour the coffee and liqueur into a dish and quickly dip the biscuits in it, one by one.
Arrange a layer of about 12 of the moist biscuits in the base of the large serving dish.

8 Spoon half of the mascarpone mixture on top of the cake/biscuits.
9 Put the other half of the sheet cake on top and pour the rest of the coffee and rum over.


Top with the remaining biscuits.

10 Add the last mascarpone mixture on top.
11 Grate the chocolate and sprinkle over the top.
12 Cover and refrigerate for about 4 hours.

Now it’s your turn to show me whatever you like!
How it works
-You can link-up using your blog or if you don’t have a blog, e-mail your entry to me.
-Create a post on your blog with the recipe and at least one picture of the finished product.
e-mail the recipe, with at least one picture of the finished product and I will enter your recipe in the challenge (remember to come back and check out your entry).
-One recipe per person/blog please.
-You are allowed to have help with your baking.
-Please use the blue frog below to enter. Be sure to add the link to your direct blog posting/recipe and not your whole blog as this makes it much easier to find your recipe. 
-Please comment on at least 3 other entries.
-Each recipe needs to be linked back to Heidi’s Crafts or has to have the button in the post.
-This is a fortnightly challenge, you have two weeks to enter.
-Entries need to be linked up by Monday the 28th of November for this Anything Goes challenge.
-After the challenge has closed, I will announce the entries in a separate posting and you will be able to vote for your favourite recipe.
-You are all allowed to advertise anywhere you like for people to vote for you, on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
-I will have a personalized blinkie, specially for the Winner. As well as the PRIZE!! I ship anywhere in the World!
-Age doesn’t matter, from little girls to grandmas are welcome to enter!
-The aim of the challenge is to encourage mothers and grandmas with their girls to enjoy making food in the kitchen, to share recipes, find new ones and have lots of fun together!

Baking Greetings!


  1. Wow! Another challenge, already? Yay! I definitely want to enter.
    Lots of love,
    Tane ♥

  2. Mmmm, that tiramisu looks delicious! Keep up the good work (tasty)! :)

  3. Hi Heidi Mari!
    I just entered for your newest baking challenge!
    Your blog is so cool!
    All the challenges you do look sooo fun:)


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