14 November 2011

Let The Voting Begin!!

Hello everyone, today is Monday and that means it’s time to start voting for the winner of my Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge #8.
I had a total of 8 entries...WOW!! They are:
Who baked such cute Chocolate Men.
Who baked an amazing Pizza Cookie.
Who baked a finger-licking Castle Cake.

Who baked yummy Marshmallow Crisps.

Who made a sweet hot dog - a Banana Dog, how creative.
Who baked a “cool” green tractor cake.
Who baked delicious Kiddy Friendly Cookies.

And Danika:
Who baked such pretty Cone Dolls and Cone Clowns.

Thank you so much everyone who entered, and a special thank you to Perrin, Tane, Josua, Joyful Mama and One Happy Mama who entered for the first time! 
You may now all go and advertise the voting anywhere you like, so people can go and vote for you.
Everyone reading this post please take a few moments and vote for one of these 8 entries. 

How To Vote:
1 Go to the top of my blog,
2 Just under my blog header, on the right, is a voting poll with all the entries.
3 Next to each name is a little white circle
4 Click on the one next to the name of the entry you like best.
5 Then click on the button that says “vote”.
You have voted.
Voting will close Sunday the 20th of November 2011.
 Good luck everyone.....
Baking Greetings!


  1. Hey, I think your blog is really cute! :) I wanted to follow you but I couldn't (?)...do you know what's wrong. It didn't show up where I could follow you. :(

    Check out my blog. :)


  2. Ons het vandag Joshua se Marshmallow crisps gemaak. Dit was 'n treffer. Daar was teen vanaand niks oor nie! More gaan ons Sarah Beckett se koekies probeer. Dit lyk baie interessant.

  3. Hi Heidi-Mari. :) I've just noticed that the votes have fallen away on your poll... ? Do you know what happened? My sister, Perrin, had 18 or 17 votes, and now she only has nine. I had 11, and now I only have 7. ?? So... Do you know what might have happened????
    Tane ♥

    PS sorry I'm using anonymous, but I'm logged into Gmail...

  4. Hi Tane
    I just had a look too, and I see what you mean. I have NO idea what went wrong, it must be something with blogger!
    As far as I know, you can only change your vote, you can’t take it away......I’m sorry but there is no way to chance it back of which I know.
    I know Perrin had most votes, she still does.
    Sorry about that though. Wish I knew what went wrong with blogger! :(
    Have a blessed day


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