27 February 2012

Voting For The Winner of Fortnightly Baking Fun Challenge #14:

Hello everyone! Well as you know, its Monday and that means it’s time for you to start voting for your favorite Valentines recipe!!
I had 5 entries for this fortnight challenge.
Firstly we have 11 year old Robyn
Who Baked such a sweet Choc Chip Cookies Message.
Who baked the most beautiful Strawberry Shortbread.

10 year old Tane:
Who baked such a creative Heart Cake.
8 year old Grace:
Who made delicious Valentines Day Cupcakes.

And my little 8 year old sister Danika:
Who made a lovely Forest Berry Tea.
Thank you for entering everyone!! And a special thank you to Robyn who entered for the first time.
 Now go and advertise everywhere you like, so people can vote for you.
Now my readers, you can go to their blogs and read the recipe to see which ones you like best and vote for it.
How To Vote:
1 Go to the top of my blog,
2 Just under my blog header, on the right, is a voting poll with all the entries.
3 Next to each name is a little white circle
4 Click on the one next to the name of the entry you like best.
5 Then click on the button that says “vote”.
You have voted.
Voting will close Sunday the 4th of March 2012.
 Good luck everyone.....
Baking Greetings!

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